National Breast Cancer Foundation


Thank you for your support and generous donation! Your gift is allowing women across the country to have access to life-saving resources and services, like mammograms.

You are providing ongoing help and support to those who need it most. Without you, countless women may not receive the care they desperately need. One of the women you've already helped is Rosica.

Rosica left Bulgaria for the U.S., with her parents for a better life. Her father had Alzheimer's and her mother wasn't able to take care of everyone, so Rosica found herself running a household. Then she found a lump in her breast.

Rosica didn't qualify for affordable health insurance, which put a mammogram out of her reach. That is until she received support through NBCF. Rosica was able to obtain the proper screenings, including her mammogram, free of charge and thankfully discovered her lump was benign.

Your support made the difference for Rosica and so many others. Because of donors like you, last year NBCF funded over 12,000 mammograms and diagnostic tests for women across the country.

Thank you again for your generosity and I look forward to sharing more about the impact of your gift in the months to come.


Janelle Hail