Our Spokesperson Says...

POC Spokesperson Malqueen Rivers


"Wearing pink means I care, but raising funds and motivating others says I want to make a difference.”

 My involvement with the fight to find a cure for breast cancer goes beyond wearing pink. In fact, just wearing pink and pink ribbons is not enough. One must be committed to raising funds and motivating others too. Therefore, we must remember our overall goal is to help those with breast cancer celebrate another birthday.

I became actively involved with raising awareness and funds for cancer in the fall of 2014. Since that time, I have organized or coordinated many school as well as community activities to raise funds and awareness. 

I have organized a community cancer awareness walk (this year will be our 4th year) Also, for 5 years I have participated in the Cooper River walk/run (6.2 miles) which is a fundraiser for cancer and other illnesses. 

In the school, where I work, I serve as chairperson for our Relay for Life and Pennies for Patients fundraisers. We have given our students an opportunity to give by participating in varies school awareness activities. Last year we used the theme “Knock Out Cancer.” Each day the students were asked to wear something to show their support (ex. shades, cap). 

I am so grateful for the mission God has given me.